The Difference Between Canna and Bird of Paradise

Last Update :2024.06.25

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1. Morphological characteristics

2. Living habits

Nature is very magical. It has created a variety of plants. Some are different at a glance, while others have surprisingly similar appearances. For example, canna and bird of paradise, these two plants are very beautiful. They often look very beautiful at first glance, but in fact they still have many differences. Let me introduce them to you in detail today!

The difference between canna and bird of paradise
1. Morphological characteristics

1. Morphological characteristics

1. Canna. Its plants are all green, generally about 1.5 meters in height. The leaves are oblong in shape, between 10 cm and 30 cm in length, and can reach 10 cm in width. Its flowers are red and have bracts. It is green, about 1.2 cm in length, the sepals are about 1 cm in length, usually green, but sometimes red, its capsule is green, long oval in shape, between 1.2 cm and 1.8 cm in length. , the flowering and fruiting period is between March and December every year.


2. Bird of Paradise. The height of Bird of Paradise is generally between 1 meter and 2 meters. The roots are relatively strong and the stems are not too obvious. The leaves generally grow symmetrically and are oblong in shape. The length is about 40 cm and the width is about 15 cm. The petioles are larger than the leaves. It should be two or three times longer, with a longitudinal groove in the middle. The length of the peduncle and the length of the leaves are generally about the same. Its inflorescence bracts are green but have red edges, and are about 15 cm long. The outer petals of its flowers are orange, and the inner petals are sky blue. The flower shape is quite special, just like a crane looking into the distance, very beautiful. Its flowering period is in autumn and winter, and the flowering time can last for more than 100 days.

Bird of Paradise

2. Living habits< /h2>

1. Canna. It likes a warm climate. It is best not to be exposed to frost or frost. The best temperature is between 25℃ and 30℃. It has strong adaptability and is hardly picky about the soil, but it will be better when it grows in fertile sandy soil. Well, the soil can be slightly moist, but not dry. It is sown in April and May in spring and will bloom from June to frost. The flowering period is very long. Its rhizomes can survive the winter in the open in the south, but in the north they must be artificially protected to survive the winter safely.

2. Bird of Paradise. It likes a warm or semi-shady location, and the most suitable temperature is 12°C to 25°C. When raised indoors in winter, the minimum temperature should be controlled above 5°C. It usually blooms in autumn or winter, but if the temperature, light and other conditions can be controlled well, it may bloom throughout the year, and a single flower can bloom for more than a month.

Bird of Paradise Plant

2. Living habits

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