Appreciation of Common Brachyphylla Varieties

Last Update :2024.06.25

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Appreciation of Common Brachyphylla Varieties

Pachyribs native to tropical Asia, it is an indoor foliage plant with high ornamental value. Let’s follow the editor to appreciate several common varieties of rough grass.

Appreciation of Common Brachyphylla Varieties
Appreciation of Common Brachyphylla Varieties

Appreciation of common species of velvet grass

Virus velvet grass

The origin of velvet grass grass is in Indonesia, and it is the largest upright perennial The height can reach 50 cm. The leaves are gray-green, often with camouflage markings, and are generally narrow oval with wavy edges. The seeds are yellow-red berries.


Silver Queen

Also known as Silver Dieffenbachia Dieffenbachia, Silver Queen Rough Rib Grass, Silver Queen Bright Silk Grass. The leaves are long and narrow, light green, and covered with gray-green stripes covering a large area. It is a good indoor foliage variety. Its leaves are beautiful in color and have strong shade tolerance. This potted plant can be used to decorate halls, offices and other places. People feel bright and comfortable, and it also has a good effect in purifying the air.


There are many varieties of rough ribs, in addition to Evergreen rough ribs, Arrow feather grass, Yellow horse grass, Manila grass, Arc de Triomphe a> and other varieties.

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