The flower language of beautiful cherry blossoms

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The flower language of beautiful cherry blossoms

Everyone must be familiar with this plant. The flower lives up to its name, and everyone who sees it will be amazed by its beauty when it blooms. Beauty Sakura belongs to the Verbenaceae family and is native to South America. It can be planted in large pots in flower beds and gardens and is highly ornamental. What is the flower language represented by such a beautiful flower?

The Flower Language of Beautiful Sakura
The flower language of beautiful cherry blossoms

The flower language of Belle Sakura

What is Belle Sakura

The plant of Belle Sakura is short and dense, the flowers are colorful, and the flowering part is like an umbrella house. shape. The flowering period is long, usually from May to November. Beauty Sakura is suitable for planting in flower beds for people to watch. Its color is very bright, and several small flowers are hugged together to complement each other. Whenever they are in full bloom, the sea of flowers is very eye-catching. Beauty Sakura not only brings beauty to people, but its whole plant can also be used as traditional Chinese medicine, with excellent heat-clearing and detoxifying effects.

Beauty Sakura

Flower Language

Because of the beauty Most of the cherry blossoms are clustered in groups and embraced together, so they symbolize "harmony", "cooperation" and "harmony at home and everything is prosperous". Due to the various colors of beautiful cherry blossoms, different colors of beautiful cherry blossoms represent different words. For example:

White flowers mean "please pray for me"; red flowers mean "work together" ; Pink flowers represent "home and everything is prosperous"; purple flowers represent "superstition". It is worth mentioning that Sakura is also the guardian flower of Leo. Flower lovers born under the sign of Leo may wish to plant a pot of Sakura at home to protect themselves!

Beauty Sakura

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