Still complaining that your bougainvillea doesn’t bloom? If you do these things well, you will keep

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Reasons why bougainvillea does not bloom

Key points for cultivating bougainvillea with multiple flowers

Speaking of flowers with a long flowering period, the first thing that comes to my mind is bougainvillea. This flower is not only unique in shape, but also particularly gorgeous, and has won the favor of many flower lovers. However, many friends' bougainvillea don't like to bloom, which may be a bit cruel to the owner. Today, we will talk about how to make your bougainvillea bloom continuously all year round!

Still complaining that your bougainvillea is not blooming? Do these things well and they will bloom all year round!Reasons why bougainvillea does not bloom

The reason why bougainvillea does not bloom

To solve the problem, finding the reason is the key. Regarding the problem of bougainvillea not blooming, the editor has summarized the following factors, let’s take a look!


1. The size of the flowerpot is unreasonable

This factor is often the most easily overlooked by everyone, but it is also very important. You must know that the size of the flower pot directly affects the growth of the root system. Under normal conditions, the root system of Bougainvillea grown in the open air is quite developed, and sometimes even It can reach several meters. It can be seen that the model of the flower pot is directly related to the growth of flowers. If the root system cannot grow well, how can it provide good nutrient transport to the flowers and leaves above the pot soil? Therefore, choosing the right size flower pot is crucial!

2. Fertilizer supply is not timely

Relatively speaking, bougainvillea is a relatively easy flower to grow, so many people will ignore this. When the flower blooms, it will The demand for nutrients is very large. If you don't pay attention to the reasonable supply of fertilizers, how can you ensure that the bougainvillea will bloom with gorgeous flowers?

3. Flowers are short of water

All things cannot grow without water. When bougainvillea blooms, it often blooms in large areas, and the entire plant is covered with flowers. , so the water must not be cut off during the flowering period. If the watering is not done in time at this time, not to mention not blooming, even the blooming will easily fall off, so the watering must be done well!

Key points for cultivating bougainvillea with multiple flowers


Bougainvillea does not have high soil requirements, as long as it is well-drained and breathable soil, it can be used For breeding, common soils are mostly made of humus soil, garden soil, etc.


Bougainvillea is not cold-tolerant. Therefore, the temperature needs to be controlled in winter. The minimum temperature must be above 5 degrees Celsius to prevent freezing damage. The normal temperature to adapt to is between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius.



According to the four seasons Depending on the growth environment and changes in various factors, bougainvillea also has different watering methods in different seasons. In spring and autumn, watering once a day can meet the needs, but in hot summer, the frequency of watering will increase. , the most reasonable watering method is once in the morning and once in the evening. In addition, if you place the flowers outdoors for cultivation at this time, you need to pay attention to waterproofing in time to prevent water accumulation in the pot soil and root rot on rainy days. In winter, the amount of watering should be controlled, and during the period when flower buds appear, the amount of watering should be adjusted.


During the vigorous growth period of bougainvillea, additional fertilizer is needed. In addition, if you want the plant to grow better and be more ornamental, you can add an appropriate amount of fertilizer to the leaves. Fertilizer, such as spraying potassium dihydrogen phosphate, etc. During the growth period, it is best to apply liquid fertilizer once a week or so. After entering the flowering period, apply phosphate fertilizer once a month to promote flowering. It is recommended to apply fertilizer after each flowering to ensure sufficient nutrients during the flowering period.


Bougainvillea particularly likes light. Sufficient light is also an important guarantee for bougainvillea to bloom. If the flowers do not receive enough light for a long time, they are likely to not bloom or drop buds. Phenomenon, so during the breeding process, you must ensure light. In winter, pay attention to moving the flower pot to a location with better light to ensure that it can receive 8 hours of light every day. In this way, the flowers will bloom better!

Key points for cultivating bougainvillea with multiple flowers

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