My love for growing flowers has nothing to do with gender, age or identity!

Last Update :2024.06.11

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Every time I post a picture in Moments, someone will say: Why did you retire so early? It seems that growing flowers and vegetables is only for the elderly. But today, I want to say loudly: My love for growing flowers has nothing to do with gender, age or identity!

I love growing flowers, it has nothing to do with gender, age or identity!

There is a 40-year-old middle-aged man beside me who loves to grow flowers

These are the flowers on his balcony↓



There is also a 16-year-old middle school student who is obsessed with growing flowers

This is the small garden he built on his rooftop↓




There is a 60-year-old warehouse manager who loves growing flowers

There is a 50-year-old farmer uncle who loves growing flowers Growing flowers

There are also 18-year-old girls who love growing flowers

Flowers< /p>

There are even celebrities with countless fans who are growing flowers


From the aunts and uncles born in the 50s to the fresh meat and fairies born in the 00s

From farmers, workers, and students to white-collar workers, teachers, and soldiers

Growing flowers has never been relevant. Gender, age and identity

Flower growers can be found in every corner of the motherland

Even a random person on the roadside

may be our army of flower growers One of them

It’s just that they are used to being unknown and focusing on growing flowers

They are used to lowering their heads to plant vegetables and raising their heads to enjoy flowers


But you may not understand their happiness——

The buds sprouting from the branches after the rain< /p>

Flower buds that are gradually turning color in the sun

The delicate pink flower buds are just waiting to bloom...

Every small change will make people happy. People who grow flowers are very excited


The first thing when you get up early It’s to look at flowers

The last thing before going to bed is to look at flowers

Every time they grow a little, it brings full joy

And every time they bloom, they are It is a great happiness


Although sometimes it is not well maintained Okay,

Leaves fall off, wilting, yellowing... happen from time to time

It makes flower growers sad and frustrated

But it will never go away. Their love for life

This is the flower grower!


- END -

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