A small balcony of 3 square meters can also be turned into a garden, so don’t waste it!

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Growing flowers like this on a small balcony saves space and looks great!

Enjoy tea and entertainment in the leisure area!

Beautiful floor carpets make the balcony more cozy

In ordinary households, whether it is an indoor balcony or an outdoor balcony, they are basically used to dry clothes or pile up debris. It is such a waste! As everyone knows, as long as we take care of it a little, we can turn the small balcony into a beautiful small garden! Work is hard enough, so take some time to enjoy life!

A small balcony of 3 square meters can also be turned into a garden, don't waste it!
Growing flowers like this on a small balcony saves space and looks great!

Growing flowers on a small balcony saves space and looks good!

The balconies of most high-rise buildings are only three to five square meters. How to grow more flowers in such a small area is a problem faced by most flower lovers. Now Huahua will introduce some practical skills to you from four aspects: growing flowers on the ground, growing flowers on walls, growing flowers in the air, and growing flowers on railings!

1. Growing flowers on the balcony floor


1. In the corner of the balcony, place some potted plants at random heights, place tall plants close to the corner, and place some short plants close to the corner, so that the heights are undulating and layered to form a plant corner!

In addition to considering the height of the plants, you can also add some color combinations. The taller plants on the outside will be more pigmented, and the inner and shorter plants will be brighter, which will be particularly beautiful!

2. If you are a Virgo and want to put the flowers neatly together, you might as well use a flower stand. It is best to buy one with multiple layers up and down, so that more flowers can be placed!

Place large potted plants on the upper level of the flower stand, and place small potted plants on the lower level. Make reasonable use of space and light. During the flowering season, it becomes a small garden.

If it is inconvenient to place it by the window, you can also put the flower stand against the wall. It can not only be used as a flower stand, but also can be used as a storage rack to place sundries.

If you don’t like the boxy and regular flower stands, you can also use hollow bricks to build a retro-style flower stand yourself, which is very interesting!

3. For growing flowers on the balcony, in addition to the above two methods, there is another way, which is to build a planting belt with cement directly on the balcony, then fill it with soil, and plant your favorite flowers directly!

In addition to growing flowers, you can also fill it with water, raise a few fish, and plant a pond of lotus. But the balcony waterproofing layer must be done well!

If you are worried about the load-bearing problem of the cement planting belt on the balcony, you can use stones to surround the wall and place your favorite flowers and plants to create a simple flower border!

Or put some pebbles, connect a water pipe, put a clay pot on it, and make a cool little water feature.

2. Growing flowers on the balcony wall

Don’t waste the walls on both sides of the balcony or the partition wall between the balcony and the living room. With the help of some small tools, you can not only grow many flowers, but also it is easy. It can be turned into a flower wall, which is very beautiful!   


1. You can buy one for the side wall of the balcony A wooden pergola, planted with clematis, roses, nasturtiums...not to mention how handsome it is, and it won't damage the wall!

This kind of gridded pergola can not only grow climbing flowers, but also use hooks to hang many potted flowers, which is very space-saving!

The pergola can not only be used on the side of the balcony to create a partition between the balcony and the living room for good lighting, but can also be installed and planted with nasturtiums to create a beautiful flower wall!

2. If you feel that the pergola takes up space, or if the lighting in the indoor balcony is not good, you can use a wire frame and plant some shade-tolerant creeping flowers below, such as orchids, ivy, pothos, etc. With good care, it can also grow into a green wall.

3. In addition to pergolas and wire mesh, there is another way to quickly build a green wall, which is to use planting bags made of tarpaulin. Fill the rows of bags with soil and plant them. Pothos, spider plants, ferns and other flowers can be turned into green walls in seconds!

The clean white walls and green ferns are very comfortable and eye-catching!

4. I feel that building a green wall is too laborious, so I just want to simply grow a few pots of small flowers. What are the methods? There are so many ways! You can use iron frames and wood to install several partitions on the wall.

You can also ask the decoration workers to install several unique partitions during decoration and paint them in the same color as the walls.

If you really don’t want to go to too much trouble, you can also DIY it yourself using wooden boards and thin wooden stakes! Like the picture below, put a cactus on it, it’s so stylish!

If you still find it troublesome, just go simple and buy some wall-mounted flower pots! Just hang it up and plant flowers!

3. Growing flowers in the air on the balcony

If you want to grow more flowers, you must make full use of every effective space on the balcony. You can hang them in mid-air or overhead.


1. Buy a special hanging pot and hang it on a clothes rack On the top, plant petunias, hexagonal flowers, dolphin flowers, margaritas, etc. that can bloom into flower balls.

You can also use hemp rope to weave a net bag, put the flower pot in it, and adjust the height freely!

If you are more hands-on, you can use plastic bottles and hemp rope to make a multi-layer hanging flower growing device. You can grow more flowers and vegetables!

2. In addition to hanging, we can also build a porch and plant beautiful climbing flowers such as: clematis, bougainvillea, yellow wood, fragrant vine, lingxiao, cypress, etc., to let the flowers bloom Climbing along the porch!

If you think the porch is too troublesome and too rustic, you can also just use ropes and poles to build a simple porch and plant green plants. It is so refreshing!

3. If the porch is not romantic enough, you can set up a pergola or wire on the roof to let the flowers climb up to the roof. When you look up, you can see the sky full of flowers!

It is also good to plant grapes above your head. When the fruits are ripe, you can pick them up and eat them~

4. Plant flowers on balcony railings and security windows

The railings on the balcony have good lighting and ventilation. If they are not used to grow flowers, it would be a waste!


1. Wall-mounted flowerpots with hooks, hanging on You can grow many flowers on the inside of the railing~

You can also customize the iron flower stand according to the size of your railing. It is easy to install and put all the flowers in. It is very simple and clean~

I don’t like iron The flower stand can also be made of antiseptic wood and matched with wooden flooring, which is very coordinated!

2. Use the inside of the railing, don’t waste it on the outside, also hang wall-mounted flower pots, and the flowers will bloom more brilliantly!

Of course, there is a more advanced way to play, which is to wrap the railings with creeping flowers: such as morning glories, climbing roses, etc. When you look downstairs, it is so eye-catching!

3. The above applies to external balconies. What should I do if there are internal balconies with anti-theft windows? The method is the same, hang a wall-mounted flower pot!

4. The inner balcony doesn’t even have railings for the anti-theft windows. What should I do? Easy to handle! Just make a flower stand or a stretch rod-type clothes drying rack outside the window sill! But pay attention to safety and keep the flowerpot and soil as light as possible!

Drink tea and have fun in the leisure area, have a great time!

There is a place to grow flowers. After working hard for a long time, you have to leave a place for people to rest so they can enjoy this hard-won garden time!

1. Set up a sofa, read and chat


The sofa is more suitable to be placed on an indoor balcony. You don’t have to worry about getting wet in the rain. You can place a long sofa to read and chat with friends and loved ones amid the greenery.

You can also place a single sofa to enjoy some alone time among the blooming flowers!

As for the outdoor balcony, if you are afraid of rain or sun exposure, you can place a wicker chair or iron seat that is not afraid of water.

If you have children at home or are girly at heart, you can also make a swing directly and paint it with paint to avoid getting wet in the rain. Of course, you must pay attention to safety. You can use it if you live on the first floor.

2. Set up a dining table, eat and drink tea


What better to have a romantic date on the balcony! In the crisp autumn weather, cook a few simple meals and drink red wine while eating. If the wine is not intoxicating, everyone will get drunk!

If you have a large family, you can also set up a big dining table and have a family dinner on the weekend~

For those who like tea, set up a tea table and sit cross-legged to drink tea in the bustling bush. , it’s also very comfortable!

3. Set up a small bed and sleep in.

Flowers< /p>

Put a deck chair on the balcony. When you have nothing to do, you can shake the cattail leaf fan, smell the fragrance of the flowers, and take a nap for a while, which is also very nourishing.

Make a hanging chair, lie down and rock it, and slowly fall asleep!

Or just make a wider cabinet, which can not only store guests, put bedding on it, but also serve as a bed!

4. Make a tatami for gatherings and storage


Tatami mats are often used in decoration. They can also be used as a row on the balcony. When friends come, they can be used as stools to sit on, and they can also hold some messy items!

If it’s too hard to sit on, put on a soft cushion or blanket and hold a pillow, it will be very comfortable!

Beautiful floor carpets make the balcony more welcoming

The flower growing area and leisure area have been built, and we have one more thing that needs to be done before building these two areas. The only thing that needs to be done is to install the floor.

1. Install anti-corrosion wood or floor tiles


Nowadays, most people’s balconies have either floor tiles or anti-corrosion wood. Anti-corrosion wood looks better when paired with it, and it can be laid by yourself, so it is used more!

2. Pair it with beautiful carpets


In order to make the balcony more warm and comfortable, we can also lay a carpet on the floor tiles or floor. It doesn't need to be too expensive, as long as it matches the sofa and the surrounding environment!

3. Lay out fake lawn


If you want your balcony to be more green, you can also lay out a fake lawn, sit or lie on it and play around, it doesn’t matter!

Enjoy tea and entertainment in the leisure area!

Beautiful floor carpets make the balcony more cozy

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