It is difficult for Clivia to bloom in a pot. Change it to some "leaf rot soil". If it blo

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If you want to say what is the happiest thing about growing flowers, many people will probably answer you that it is when the flowers bloom. It is true that after raising a flower plant for such a long time, when its buds bloom and reveal a "smiling face", you will feel very happy, but not all flowers are so easy to grow.

It is difficult to raise Clivia in pots to bloom. Change to some

There are several kinds of "arrogant kings" in the flower world. It is really difficult to grow them into flowers. Take Clivia for example. Some flower lovers have only grown leaves but no flowers after raising them for several years. Even if the flowers bloom, there will still be a phenomenon of pinched arrows. Huahua and a friend have been raising bougainvillea for 2 years and they have not bloomed yet. In fact, sometimes the soil itself needs to be replaced. No matter how much water you pour, it will be of no use. The important thing is to replace the soil first!


The roots of Clivia will grow as it grows. As it gets bigger, it is time to change the soil and pot. If the Clivia has been raised for several years and has not yet bloomed, it is most likely because the original nutrients in the soil are too few to support the Clivia to germinate and bloom. At this time, we can improve the situation by changing to some leaf mold soil.


It is best for us to change soil in the spring and autumn. The temperature is cooler during this time, so if you water after changing the soil, black rot will not easily occur. Another factor that causes Clivia to not bloom is that the light intensity is too strong. If the Clivia is exposed to the sun for a long time, the strong light will burn the leaves. At this time, the Clivia will never bloom. It is best to maintain Clivia under diffused light, so that it will bloom over time.


Huahua just mentioned that the bougainvillea at a friend's house has been growing for 2 years. They haven’t bloomed yet. In fact, bougainvillea can be considered a relatively easy-to-maintain flowering flower. If your bougainvillea doesn’t bloom either, you can start thinking about watering it.


Although Bougainvillea is a water-loving plant, if Excessive watering will also result in only growing leaves but no flowers. We can reduce the amount of watering appropriately, and after a while, we will find that the bougainvillea starts to sprout small flower buds! In addition, the bougainvillea needs more light. Remember to let it bask in the sun every day, so that it will grow better!


Jasmine is white and fragrant. It is a very popular flower. Welcome flowers. But many times it is a bit difficult to get the jasmine at home to bloom. what is the reason behind the scene? Jasmine itself is a southern plant and likes acidic soil. If it grows in the north and does not bloom, you can consider neutralizing the pH of the cultivation soil.


Secondly, jasmine is a light-loving plant. The more abundant it is, the better it will grow, and the natural flowers will be larger and more fragrant. So remember to give your jasmine flowers as much light as possible every day.


Sometimes the flowers grown at home may not bloom. If there is a problem with daily maintenance, it may be that the planting soil needs to be changed. You can find the problem according to the different conditions of your own flowers. Huahua hopes that all the flowers you love will bloom with big buds!

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