His roses can bloom at high temperatures of 40°C. It turns out that this is the secret!

Last Update :2024.06.11

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As soon as the dog days of summer arrive, many florists worry, why are my roses blooming so ugly? Didn't it mean that it blooms every month? Why is it completely incomparable with spring! Don’t worry, today Huahua will recommend some roses to you. They can bloom beautifully even in the middle of summer, and you are not afraid that summer flowers will turn ugly!

His roses can bloom at a high temperature of 40℃. It turns out that this is the secret!

Juice Balcony

High temperature resistance: 35℃

Juice Balcony is a popular rose variety. Its flowers have a light juice aroma, and the plants are short and suitable for balcony maintenance. In particular, it is very tolerant to sunlight. Even if the temperature is high in summer, it can bloom continuously and repeat flowers very easily.



Can withstand high temperatures : 35-40℃

Any rose lover thinks that Zhenzhou is a rose variety with absolutely no shortcomings. It is not only super sun-resistant in summer, but also disease-resistant, so you don’t need to follow it every day. Fighting against pests and diseases is a must-have for lazy people!



Kenai High temperature: 38℃

Many flower friends think that Catalina looks like a plastic flower. After all, one flower can bloom for more than ten days. Even if you shake the pole, the petals will not fall off, and it flowers very frequently. A must-have for your summer balcony!


Cut Juliet

Can withstand high temperatures : 35℃

Cut flower Juliet is also a relatively sun-tolerant variety. It has multiple heads and blooms frequently, and it blooms again quickly. The flowers have a light tea fragrance, and there are almost no shortcomings.


Red Lonza Gem

Yes High temperature resistance: 40℃

Red Longza gemstone is heat-resistant and sun-resistant, and it blooms for a long time. If you have a garden at home, you can grow one and climb it along the wall. It is very beautiful!


Guan Xiaoyi

Ke Nai High temperature: 40℃

Shrub Eden is a variety that blooms in multiple seasons. Many flower lovers think that it, like the vine Eden, can only bloom one season in spring. In fact, it can bloom in multiple seasons. Generally, the multi-headed flowers are very beautiful!


Strawberry Almond Cake

Kenai High temperature: 40℃

When she heard the name, Huahua felt like she was hungry. Many florists have reported that the strawberry macaroons become redder the longer they are exposed to the sun, and the flowers are very small and fresh. It is a must-have variety for many florists to grow roses in summer!


That’s all the introduction to Huahua today!

Have you ever raised any roses that bloom beautifully in summer?

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