How to breed hybrid rhododendrons

Last Update :2024.06.11

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Soil: Hybrid rhododendrons prefer fertile, loose, slightly acidic sandy loam. Light: It likes light and needs to be given adequate lighting conditions. Moisture: When watering, you must control the degree of watering. You should neither water too much, causing water to accumulate in the soil, nor water too little, causing the plants to lack water. Temperature: Keep it in an environment of 15-25℃.

Cultivation Methods of Hybrid Rhododendron

1. Soil

Hybrid rhododendrons prefer fertile, loose, slightly acidic sandy loam. Be careful not to use soil that is too heavy or alkaline, otherwise it will be difficult for it to survive.

2. Light

Hybrid rhododendrons like light and need to be given sufficient light. It also has a certain shade tolerance. It can be cultured in the shade for a short period of time, but not for too long.

3. Moisture

Hybrid rhododendrons like moisture but are afraid of waterlogging. When watering, they must control the degree. They should not water too much to cause water accumulation in the soil, nor should they water it too much. Watering too little will starve the plant of water.

4. Temperature

Hybrid rhododendrons like warmth, and the optimal growth temperature is 15-25°C. In winter, heat preservation measures need to be taken, and the temperature cannot be lower than 5°C.

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