In autumn, grow a pot of "Corydia" at home. It will bloom easily and look beautiful. The k

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3. Watering

4. Fertilize

Modern people’s flower cultivation not only depends on the ease of maintenance, but more importantly, the “appearance” after blooming. Generally, flowers that bloom well are very popular varieties. Huahua went to a friend's house a few days ago, and he happened to be a flower gardening enthusiast. Seeing his house full of flowers, Huahua was really shocked.

Keep a pot of 1.Soil

Not only did he raise a variety of blooming flowers, he also had a lot of green plants. The combination of the two types looked very fresh. A friend also recommended to Huahua a flower that is suitable for moving home in autumn, called pansy. It is said that its flowers are more beautiful than "butterflies"!


Although the flower of Corydalis is small, But it has a lot of energy. As long as you water and fertilize it on time, it can grow in full and bloom in large numbers. Pansy flowers bloom in many colors, including purple, white, and yellow. This is why it is said to be more beautiful than butterflies when it blooms.


The general propagation method of Corydalis is sowing. Find If sown in suitable soil, it will bloom in about two months. The daily maintenance of pansy is very simple. You can pot it with just care. Novice florists who love flowers may wish to consider it.

1. Soil

Corsyria is a relatively acidic plant, so it is best to use acidic soil with good drainage and rich nutrients for planting and maintenance. If we want to grow it at home, we can make it by mixing peat and pearl salt in proportion.


2. Lighting

Corydalis likes to grow under sufficient light. Generally, the stronger the intensity of sunlight, the more vigorously the Corydalis will bloom. If placed on a dark side for maintenance, leaves and flowers may fall off. Therefore, when maintaining it at home, you can place it on a windowsill or balcony close to the sun.

3. Watering

Water the pansy in an appropriate amount to avoid excessive water flowing into the bottom of the flower pot and causing water accumulation. Use a watering kettle similar to the one used for watering succulents, so it is easier to control the amount of water. When watering, it is best to choose a cooler season, so that the water resources will not evaporate quickly and can provide nutrients for the growth of the pansy.

4. Fertilization

The fertilization situation of pansy is different from that of most plants. It needs to start fertilizing after sowing and growing young leaves. Most fertilizers are thin fertilizers containing nitrogen. During the peak growth period, the demand for fertilizers will be greater, so as to ensure the flowering speed and size of the pansy.

Pests and diseases may occur after the pansy is maintained for too long. It must be dealt with in advance to prevent pests from spreading to the entire flower. The little pansy blooms really unambiguously, and it is really enjoyable to look at the petite buds hanging all over the branches. Those who like flowers can consider it, especially suitable for novices!


3. Watering

4. Fertilize

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