Even though this plant is "ugly", it is hard to find in the market. It is more nutritious

Last Update :2024.05.30

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There are countless varieties of plants and flowers in the world, and each one has a different appearance and effect. Just like when we were children, every time we went out to play in the countryside, we would see all kinds of strange plants. When we grew up, we realized that they also had "magical uses". It seems that the value of a plant cannot be judged by its appearance!

Don't look at this plant. It's not available in the market. It's more nutritious than bird's nest!

The plant Huahua wants to talk about today is also "unpleasant" in appearance, and can be said to be extremely ugly. However, as soon as it is transported to the market, anyone who wants to buy it will not be able to grab it. It is said that its nutritional value is higher than that of bird's nest and shark's fin. It is said that rare things are more valuable, and this is an example. Okay, let’s not get too carried away, this ugly plant is Tai Sui!

The yield of Tai Sui is extremely low because the method of obtaining it is too dangerous. Tai Sui generally grows on cliffs. After growing for a long time, its shape is no different from the rocks on the cliff, making it difficult to distinguish it. Generally, Tai Sui is harvested by local people and then circulated to the market. It is precisely because of this that Tai Sui can now be sold for nearly 1,000 yuan in the market.

Although Tai Sui is difficult to dig, its reproductive ability is very strong. This kind of plant has the ability to differentiate very quickly. If you cut off part of it when picking it, it will not take long for it to grow back to the same size as before, or even bigger, and there will be no trace of digging at all. Tai Sui is usually poached by farmers and moved to their homes, which will cause quite a stir.

Huahua just said that the nutritional value of Tai Sui is very high, even higher than that of shark fins and bird's nests. This is because Tai Sui itself contains a large amount of amino acids and various trace elements, and these elements are particularly easy to be absorbed by the human body. With long-term use, people's health will naturally improve. It is said that among the people, there are also foods There is a legend that Tai Sui can live forever. It’s no wonder that many people would rather spend a lot of money to move Tai Sui home.

At this time, many flower friends may wonder, if Tai Sui grows on cliffs for a long time, is it possible that it will spoil and become inedible? Of course, many scientists have discussed this issue, and finally concluded that this situation will not happen. Because Tai Sui will produce something similar to a natural preservative by itself, and it will also absorb moisture and nutrients from the air and the growing environment. In this way, even if it takes a long time, Tai Sui will still regenerate and there will be no so-called deterioration in the long term. .

Although Tai Sui is a plant that looks a little "disadvantaged" in terms of appearance, its nutritional value is really quite high. If the majority of flower lovers know of any plants similar to this that do not match their appearance, please leave a message in the comment area and let Huahua know!

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