Can the dance of elegant music last? How long can it be maintained?

Last Update :2024.05.26

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1. Can water grow?

2. How long can it be raised?

Generally speaking, it likes to grow in a drier living environment, so water-fed plants need more care. Abundant sunlight will make its leaves bright and green in color. When curing in water, the depth of the water should not be too deep. It is best to just cover the root system. Generally speaking, if maintained properly, it can last for a long time.

Can the dance of elegant music last forever? How long can it be kept
1. Can water grow?

1. Can it grow with water?

1. It can grow with water. You can take the plant out of the soil and clean it, especially all the soil at the roots. It is advisable to cut the overly long roots appropriately and then place them in a container for maintenance.

Dance of Elegant Music

2. Hydroponics has just been carried out It is best not to expose the elegant dance to sunlight immediately. It is best to wait until it is familiar with the new environment and then gradually expose it to sunlight.

3. It is best to keep the Yalezhiwu grown in water away from computers, TVs and other places with radiation. If maintained in this way for a period of time, it will grow well.

4. For hydroponics, it is best to change the water once every 7 days. Put it on the balcony at home for maintenance. It cannot be maintained in a dark environment for a long time, which will cause the branches and leaves of the plant to grow. .

Dance of Elegant Music

2. How long can it be raised< /h2>

Generally speaking, it is a good choice to put a pot of water-length elegant music on the desk or in the living room at home. It can not only improve the air quality, but also optimize the breath of life. , very beautiful. As for the growth life of the plant, as long as you take good care of it, it can last for a long time.

Dance of Elegant Music

2. How long can it be raised?

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