When do sunflowers bloom, sunflower pictures

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1. When does the sunflower bloom?

2. Pictures of sunflowers

Sunflowers generally bloom from July to August every year, and potted sunflowers will bloom intermittently in June every year. After the sunflower blooms, you must pay attention to the management of the flowering period and cannot leave it alone. First of all, make sure there is enough light. Potted sunflowers can be grown on a sunny balcony. In addition, water should be watered in time to ensure the supply of moisture. It is also necessary to fertilize in time, with urea and diammonium applied once a week. Locust control should not be taken lightly. Talcum powder can be diluted to make a dust for spraying.

When will the sunflowers bloom, sunflower pictures
1. When does the sunflower bloom?

1. When does sunflower bloom

Sunflower, also known as sunflower and sunflower, is an oil-bearing crop native to Europe. Its flowers are shaped like the sun and are golden in color.

1. Flowering time

If the flowers are sown in April every year, the flowering period of sunflowers is from July to August of that year, and the seeds will mature from August to September. In addition, you can encourage it to bloom all year round by accumulating temperature. As long as the temperature is sufficient, it can bloom. Potted sunflowers usually begin to bloom in June every year.

2. Flowering mechanism

It usually takes six to nine days for a sunflower to fully bloom. Generally, the second to fifth day after flowering is its peak flowering period, with a large number of flowers and high ornamental value.


3. Flowering form

Sunflower The flowers range from single to double, and look like a large flower disk. The flowers come in various colors, including golden yellow, orange yellow and purple red, and the flower disk has tongue-shaped and tubular flowers.

4. Flowering period management

After the sunflower blooms, ensure sufficient light in its growing environment. For potted plants, it is best to grow them on a sunny balcony and water them in time to ensure adequate water supply. In addition, timely fertilization can be applied once a week with urea and diammonium to replenish nutrients.

Also pay attention to prevent locusts. After sunflowers bloom, they attract many insects, the most important of which is the sunflower borer, which feeds on sunflower seeds. After rainy days, the flower disk will fester. You can dilute talcum powder to make a dust and spray it once every two or three days.


2. Pictures of Sunflowers


2. Pictures of sunflowers

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