The correct way to water azaleas and how to manage them in winter

Last Update :2024.04.22

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1. Watering method

2. Winter management

When watering azaleas, use acidic water. If the pH is not enough, add some ferrous sulfate. When watering, the soil should be dry. You can tap the flower pot. If there is a crisp sound, water as soon as possible. When watering, the soil should be thoroughly irrigated. In winter, the frequency of watering should be controlled and the time should be at noon. The best room temperature during the winter is 5-10°C. Growth will stop if it is lower than 5°C.

The correct way to water azaleas, how to manage them in winter
1. Watering method

1. Watering method

1. Water quality: When watering azaleas, you must choose water quality suitable for plant growth. To apply acidic water, or add a little ferrous sulfate to the water and mix it. Alkaline water will slow down plant growth and may cause plants to die if used for a long time. There should be no chlorine in the water, and tap water should be left for a day or two before use.


2. Don’t dry or water: do it before watering To determine whether the soil is dry, tap the flower pot gently. If it sounds dull, there is no need to water it. If the sound is crisp, it means the soil is dry and watering is needed.

3. Water thoroughly: When watering the plants, water them thoroughly every time. Generally, water should be poured until the water flows at the bottom of the flowerpot and then stop. Do not allow water to accumulate in the soil, as this can easily cause root rot.


2. Winter management

1 . Temperature: During winter management, it is necessary to ensure that the room temperature is 5-10°C. If the temperature cannot be reached, you can protect it from the cold by covering it with film. Generally, it will stop growing when the temperature is lower than 5℃.

2. Moisture: Its growth rate will be slower in winter, so you don’t need to water too much. You need to control the frequency of watering. Watering can only be done after the soil is dry, and watering should be done at noon, otherwise its roots will be irritated.


2. Winter management

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